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Hi Rick,

It's taken me awhile, but I'm finally putting the finishing touches on my vault and wanted you to know how happy I am with the six 14-gun racks that you built for me. I am extremely pleased. They look great in my vault, and I have recommended you to a number of folks.

Mesquite, TX

Rick, your racks arrived in perfect condition this morning and I must say they are even better than I expected. Awesome craftsmanship. The finest handguns in the world are now sitting in the finest gun racks in the world and I am extremely happy. I'll be ordering more very soon as I'm starting to get my Colt collection in order. I will send you some pics later today, they look great and work even better !! There aren't many items of this quality that you can buy anymore at such a fair price. You are the man !!

Fred D.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Rick, thanks for the great work. I have made several trips to my safe just to admire the gun collection which are totally visible for the first time while being in the safe. I truly appreciate your artistry and talent. I've attached some photos and thanks again.

Mike S.
Fargo, North Dakota


Absolutely amazing! Its been one week with my six new Colt Hammerless 8 Gun Modified Pistol Racks! It sure made a crowded safe much more manageable. Now I can find a particular Colt in seconds, no more digging around. Everyday one of the first things I do is open my safe and just stare at the new racks full of Colt pistols. It sure has made order out of confusion, all that and they look great too. Attached are some photo's.

Many Thanks,
Jim Knight
Bryan, Ohio


Thanks for the NICE NICE racks! there is nothing else like them, they're perfect. Heres a couple of photos showing what they do best.

Thanks again,
Robert D.
New Haven, ID


I received the rack yesterday and installed it in my safe last night! Holy cow, this is an amazing piece of quality design and construction. I applaud you my friend, now I know why the reviews are so great, you know how to make a quality product. That is a true rarity in today's society. When I get settled at Fort. _____ in _______, I will probably be purchasing another rack from you as it fits perfectly in my safe and looks like it came as a part of it. Once again thank you for working with me and for supporting the troops. Keep up the amazing work and I will be sure to spread the word about your quality products to my friends.

Very respectfully,
2nd Lieutenant Douglas _________
US Army

Hello Rick!

Received my racks a few days ago, only one word. SUPERB! My hat is off to you. The racks are fantastic. All I know is, its sure great that I do not have to haul out all those darn gun boxes anymore. I had been doing that for the last twenty years. I'm going to be ordering a couple more racks, standard size, nothing special order this time. Here's a couple of photo's.

Banard E.
Falls Church, VA

Hi Rick,

The rack arrived on Tues. 4/20/10 as promised, and safe and sound. Awesome work you do! I'll be ordering more as soon as I get my new safe! Thanks for a top quality product and for your fine service, it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Pete M.
Lewisville, TX.

Hello Rick!

The rack arrived on the UPS truck this evening and all I can say is WOW!!! Absolutely Beautiful in every respect. The quality and craftsmanship you put into your products is suburb, you are truly a craftsman of the highest order ! I immediately went to see if it would fit in the gun safe.... perfect, with a couple of inches to spare. I then loaded it up with a variety of guns to see what the cut outs would fit, it held them all perfectly. I'm sending you a few pictures I snapped in a hurry tonight, the rack is holding 7 Kimbers, 2 Glocks and a Taurus Judge. I'll get some better pictures in the next few days to send you.

Thanks again,
Don T.

Good evening, Rick!

I just wanted to let you know that my husband loved the gun racks for Christmas! He said when he looks in the safe, it now looks like he always hoped it would and is wondering why he didn't get them years ago! Thanks so much for your great work, and have a great 2009!

Andrea K.
Sacramento, CA.

The racks came in today and I was able to reorganize my gun safe already, they're perfect and a perfect fit. It was getting a bit crowded and the shelves a bit too close together. The racks are very nice and really make a huge difference. This will solve my issues of guns clanking against each other and scratching the finish and dinging up the grips. Here's a before & after photo.

Frank S.
Salem, OR


Gun racks look great! Guys at work love them, several more will be ordered soon! I work for the _______ __ _____ and I've sent the picture out to a few co-workers and they have sent me a few choice words back. Lol. They have now put your racks on the Santa Christmas list! Thanks Again!

Carl K.
Casper, WY


I liked the first gun rack so much that I ordered another one! Here's a photo of the first rack and a photo of both.

Kelvin Thomas.
Hagerstown, MD.

Hello Rick,

I cannot begin to say how nice the gun rack I ordered is. Thankfully you packaged it well because the shipping company must've had a disgruntled employee that day, the outside box got bashed in but the contents were fine. The pictures do not do justice to how nice it looks. I will definitely tell anyone I know wanting a gun rack to order one from you. I included some pics. Again, awesome job, thanks.

Gerald S.
Phoenix, AZ


I just received my order, Camelrock 7 gun rack with overhead shelf. I am VERY impressed! You're quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail are beyond excellent! It was packaged very well, and even shipped a few days earlier than your estimated turn-around time on the website. I am very pleased and look forward to making additional purchases from you, as well as recommending your products to friends/family who are in the market for gun safe accessories/storage options. I have attached a photo of your product in my safe. I fabricated the shelving myself and this rack fits perfectly, it looks almost built in and the Camelrock color is a dead on match! I just need to go out and find some more "items" to fill the remaining slots!
Again, I couldn't be happier. Thank you for making an extremely well-built, quality item. A very satisfied customer.

Paul M.

Thanks for a great rack! As shown in the attached photo, it fits perfectly in the space, and the storage underneath is wonderful. You can see how I spliced two shelf pieces together to extend the shelf past the center of the safe. That, along with the customization, allowed me to fit the 6th pistol in. With fast delivery and excellent service, I could'nt be happier! Thanks again.

Mario R.
Pittsburg, PA


Got my rack last Friday while I was out of town, my wife being a sweetheart unloaded my safe and installed the rack and loaded it up. She sent a picture and I couldn't believe how good it looked. When I got home I was blown away, it really is a nice addition to my safe. I have another safe on order and I will be getting another pistol rack soon.

Gary L.
Middlebury, VT

Hey Rick,

I took a few pics to show you how nice my new setup looks. If you like, feel free to post the pictures on your site. Its such a nice clean look now, thanks again for the modification to the shelf unit, and thanks for a great addition to my safe. Your product is way above and beyond any others out there. I'm going to be ordering the exact same setup for the other side of my safe, with the long guns coming up between the two racks, its going to be twice as nice. I'll be in touch soon.
Thanks again.

Jim Murrow

Hi Rick,

UPS delivered my gun rack tonight and it fits perfectly in my gun safe and the look and build couldn't be better. I'm really excited over this thing and it has already saved me a ton of space. I just need a few more handguns to fill it up! It holds perfectly everything from my little baby Glock all the way up to a long-barreled Ruger .22. I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends and will be giving you a call when I fill this one up and need another. I included a picture just to show how perfectly it fits and looks in the safe. Thanks a ton.

Jesse M.
Houston, TX.

Good Evening Rick,

I wanted you to know that I received my gun rack this morning and it is fantastic. Thanks for a great job beyond my expections. I've included a photo of it set up. Thanks again.

Glenn L.
Chesterfield, MO


Just received my order today of the 4 Gun Greystone Rack and matching pistol stands. The quality and workmanship are far better than I expected for the money. They are exceptional in every aspect. I did have a problem closing my safe after I put them inside, not because they did not fit, but because they look so darn good I didn't want to close the door. They look good enough that my wife even let me put one of the pistol stands on the nightstand, much better than just keeping the "ready" pistols laying on top of the nightstand at night. Thanks again for making such a great product with great service and delivery. You can add me to the "very satisfied" list and expect another order in the future.

Richard D.

Hey Rick,

I received the racks and shelf today and was very pleased to find the quality that I was hoping for. Five minutes after opening the shipping box, my unruly pile of magazines were neatly stacked away, and some nice space was recovered on my formerly jammed pistol shelves. Having previously browsed through the testimonial page on your web site, “before and after” pictures of my modest inventory would be somewhat boring in comparison. But I did want to send you a quick note to express the positive impact your shelving unit & pistol rack had on the organization of my safe’s contents, as well as substantially lowering the annoyance factor when trying to find something therein. Thanks again.

West Bloomfield, MI


Just finished installing my new racks in my Browning safe. Two 4 Gun Camelrock Racks With Padded Storage and a 4 Gun Camelrock Rack. Wonderful class-A workmanship. I couldnt be happier. The Camelrock goes great with the interior. Nice organized look overall and I found I now have room for growth!! Will definitely do more business with you again.


I received the two camelrock racks you made me and I have to say that I am totally pleased with the construction and quality, there's nothing compareable out there. I have placed an order via pay pal for another one, a 10 gun straight camelrock rack with storage. I understand your 3 week lead time because you clearly make the best handgun racks in the country. I look forward to receiving the additional custom rack.

Ryan *******
Shreveport, LA


Just wanted to let you know I received the two Greystone gun racks and they are exactly what I wanted. They fit nicely in my gunsafe, the padded rests fit everything from my Walther P-22 to my Taurus 945 and a full size Glock, and the slot underneath is perfect for extra magazines or, in the case of revolvers, ammo boxes. Yours is the only rack I have found that has this very handy underslot storage. Thank you for the quality work and the prompt attention.

Bob S.
Liberty, SC