Camelrock Handgun Porta Racks:
4 – 6 Gun Sizes


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The Porta Gun Rack is a very low profile and versatile storage system. At only 4-15/16″ high, its compact size will allow it to fit in some pretty low overhead shelving situations in the safe. With ergonomically cut lift handles on each end, it allows you to place and retrieve your handguns in and out of the safe, all at one time. This saves time & effort when performing cleaning, lubing and maintenance of your firearms. The Porta Racks are available in both Camelrock and Greystone textured finish, and in sizes of 4, 5, and 6 gun capacity. Fits revolvers as small as the Smith & Wesson snub nose J Frames, up to the full size 357 magnum or 45 ACP with up to a 6″ barrel. Because of the racks low profile in proximity to the shelf it sits on, large bore revolvers (44 mag and larger) and barrel lengths greater than 6″ will not fit. Fits all semi autos from barrel lengths as short as 3.25″ all the way up to standard full size semi autos with up to a 6″ barrel. The Porta-Rack handles are only available on the Porta-Racks and the Racks With Open Accessory Storage.

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4 Gun, 5 Gun, 6 Gun