Double Greystone Racks With Padded Storage:
10, 12, 14 Gun Sizes


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Fits 14 handguns and their accessories in less than a 18″ wide space. It can be done with the 14 Gun Double Greystone Rack With Accessory Storage. Also available in 10 & 12 Gun sizes. Like all the horizontal racks, the Double Greystone Rack is constructed with a 6.5 degree rearward cant with extra deep polyester padded cradles to allow for that perfect fit.The Greystone Racks with the look and feel of granite stone are textured and finished out in an acrylic clear coat for long life durability & protection. Will not scratch or mar guns finish. Because of the extra deep cradles, please allow an additional 2.75″ of height to allow the handguns on the top row to be safely lifted up and out of the cradles.
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10 Gun, 12 Gun, 14 Gun